Four Eyes Ceramics


Can my earrings break?

Yes. Just like any ceramic piece they can break if dropped, crushed, or hit into something. But, they are more durable than you think, especially with a little extra love. Please see the care instructions for advice on storing your earrings, cleaning, and travel.

Can my earrings get dirty?

Yes. Discoloration in normal and will occur over time with wear. They can be easily cleaned with mild soap and water. See care instructions.

What if my earrings break?

Accidents happen! I can usually replace the broken piece(s). Depending on the pieces, repairs/replacements cost between $5-20. Please email me and send a pic if possible, and I’ll follow up with options. Be patient, I try to fit these in as quick as I can, but turn around can take some time depending on my schedule and what’s needed.

Do you make clip ons?

I do! It’s not possible for every style, but most with a larger top piece can be made as a clip on. This is a special order so please email me with a request.

Do you do custom orders?

Not regularly, but feel free to send an email and we can go from there.